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Gale’s literature databases

First published in Online Currents – Vol. 21 Issue 5, Jan/Feb 2006

Green libraries (PDF)

First published in Online Currents, v.25/4, 2011, pp.188-194

This article describes green websites that provide information that may help librarians and other information professionals manage their work in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


Ebook indexes, EPUB and the International Digital Publishing Forum (PDF)

Ebooks, their indexes, and the work of the IDPF EPUB Indexes Working Group.

Online Currents June 2012, pp 127-130

IPEd, Style Council and ANZSI Conferences (PDF)

Three conferences for information professionals.

First published Online Currents February 2012


LIS Acronyms (PDF)

TLAs in LIS – Part 1: Glossary of library, book and publishing-related acronyms.

First published: Online Currents April 2010

Acronyms discovered since publication:

CLV: Customer Lifetime Value
DM: Data Management, or Direct Mail
EANnet, now GS1net ( – the co-ordinating body in the UK for article numbering using the EAN, ITF-14 and EAN-128 standards.
ETL: Extract, Transfer, Load – for migration of legacy data in Data Management
KYC: Know Your Customer
MDM: Master Data Management
RAP: Recent Australian Publications – from NLA
SOA: Service-Oriented Applications
WIIFM: What’s In It For Me?


Meteorology websites update 2011 (PDF)

Online Currents October 2011

This is an update to an article from 2005.


Montague Institute Website (PDF)

Online Currents v.23 i.6


Multimedia Watch (PDF)

Online Currents vol.25 pp.21-26 2011


Museums Online

Online Currents – Vol. 21 Issue 4, December 2006

Records and document management

Online Currents vol.24 2010

Self publishing on the web

Online Currents – Vol. 21 Issue 7, April 2007

Showcasing NICTA’s achievements (PDF)

Online Currents vol.25 pp.12-16 2011

Online Currents vol.25 pp.12-16 2011

Taxonomy Community of Practice (TaxoCoP)

Online Currents – Vol.21 Issue 2, October 2006

The Universal Index: using Basedex as a tool

Online Currents V. 21 No. 9, Jun/Jul 2007

Website indexing: an update on A to Z access on the web

Online Currents V. 21 No. 8, May 2007

Why words matter: the vagaries of language, and the nature of book indexes versus online searches