ANZSI 2013 conference – references from EPUB talks

References on EPUB3 and ebook indexes

for papers presented at the ANZSI conference, Wellington, March 2013.

Author-it. 2012. ‘ePubs Publishing Extension’,

Baker, Mark. 2012. ‘Too big to browse; too small to search’,

BNA Law School Education Series. ‘Using online indexes’,

Book authoring software, read more

ANZSI 2013 indexing conference in Wellington, New Zealand

Many of the papers from the ANZSI 2013 indexing conference in Wellington, New Zealand are now available at including:

EPUB3 Indexes Charter and the future of indexing – Glenda Browne

Glenda will be talking about the importance of the IDPF EPUB Indexes Working Group for ebook indexing from the point of view of editors and publishers. The EPUB Indexes specification (currently in draft form) sets the scene for an invigorated ebook indexing environment. It will enable the creation of active, linked indexes with all the functionality of a print index and a lot more.  Glenda will discuss:

  • EPUB philosophy
  • IDPF EPUB Indexes Working Group
  • Complementary nature of browse, search and index
  • EPUB coding – general approaches
  • Specific indexing issues: eg, page numbers and ranges; index groups; cross-references; filtering
  • Ways that editors can help indexers, eg, logical structure of texts; use of textual headings; consistency.


Indexing techniques and EPUB – Jan Wright and Glenda Browne

In this two-part session, Glenda and Jan will discuss software options and combinations used in today’s eContent indexing.  Jan will cover how page layout software, word processing, and our own indexing packages can be used to embed, link, or prepare indexes for a variety of outputs: PDF, ebook, print, etc. Glenda will cover tips and techniques for how to index differently for ebooks. When there are no pages, it is even more important to keep the reader and their route to the text in mind. read more

Digital futures: working together for our readers. June/July 2015 INCITE, p. 25

Digital futures: working together for our readers

The theme for this issue of INCITE was reducing burnout as we cope with digital publishing. One of my responses was that cooperation is good for all of us, including our readers. Another was that the field is constantly changing, so making decisions based on the ebooks and readers of today is not enough. Indexes are one example of ebook features that will be changing.

Published in INCITE (June-July 2015, p25) – the magazine of the Australian Library and Information Association. It presents perspectives on issues relating to library and information science. read more

Introduction to Indexing: a collection of articles by Glenda Browne

Introduction to Indexing: a collection of articles by Glenda Browne

Free EPUB download from introduction_to_indexing__a_collection_of_articles.epub.

I put this collection of articles together because I wanted to learn how to create an EPUB ebook. I have done minimal formatting and used the basic styles from Oxygen (an XML editor). I used Sigil to convert the XHTML files to EPUB format.

I have created two linked indexes, one using paragraph numbers as the text for links, and one using the main heading or subheading. I manually added ID numbers at article and section level. When the EPUB3 Indexing specification is final I am planning to create an index (to this or another work) to comply with the specification and make use of some of the new features it will allow. read more

VALA 2014 Conference reports

Two papers reporting on exhibitors at the VALA 2014 Conference Exhibition – general comments and then one with a focus on ebooks and one report on conference papers.

VALA 2014 Conference Exhibition – other

Online Currents June 2014

VALA 2014 Conference Exhibition – ebooks

Online Currents June 2014

VALA 2014 Conference – report on papers

Online Currents volume 28 part 4