Indexes Completed in 2019

TitleAuthor(s)Published byIndexer
Angels of MercyLynette Ramsay-SilverSally Milner PublishingJon
Integrated Marketing CommunicationWinchester et alOxford University PressJon
Faith in FreedomNafiseh GhafourniaMelbourne University PressJon
Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice 3eWhite, Perrone, HowesOxford University PressGlenda
Australian Business Law ReviewThomson ReutersGlenda
After American PrimacyDean et alMelbourne University PressJon
University of Melbourne Annual Report 2018University of MelbourneUniversity of MelbourneJon
Decolonizing the History Curriculum in Malaysia and SingaporeKevin Blackburn and ZongLun WuRoutledgeJon
150 Years of Newington RugbyBarry RossSally Milner PublishingJon

Indexes Completed in 2018

TitleAuthor(s)Indexed byPublisher
Judicial Officers' Bulletin - subject, author, statute and case indexes/tables GlendaJudicial Commission
University of Melbourne Annual Report 2017University of MelbourneJonMelbourne University Press
Killer InstinctUniversity of MelbourneJonMelbourne University Press
Period Repair ManualLara BridenJonMacmillan
Religious Authority and Local Governance in Eastern IndonesiaJeremy KingsleyJonMelbourne University Press
Run For Your LifeBob CarrJonMelbourne University Press
Family Law ReviewThomson ReutersGlendaThomson Reuters
Journal of Civil Litigation and PracticeThomson ReutersGlendaThomson Reuters
Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer LawThomson ReutersGlendaThomson Reuters
APS Garden Design Study Group newsletter - 2017 updateAPS Garden Design Study GroupGlendaAPS Garden Design Study Group
An India Economic Strategy to 2035Peter VargheseJonWordwallah
Beyond CombatPaul O'BeirneJonUNSW Press
Pacific Community annual report - French and English versionsPacific Community / Stuart RobertsGlenda and Jenny (French)Pacific Community
Stern JusticeAdam WakelingJonPenguin Random House
When Galaxies CollideLisa Harvey-SmithJonMelbourne University Press
Whitlam's ChildrenShaun CroweJonMelbourne University Press
Australian Public Law 3EdAppleby, Reilly & GrenfellJonOxford University Press
The Barefoot Investor for FamiliesScott
The BlackburnsCarolyn RasmussenJonMelbourne University Press
Garden Design Study Group newsletterLawrie Smith, editorGlendaANSPA Garden Design Study Group
Grammar and Writing GlendaNewSouth Publishing
HealthStats NSW website metadataHealthStats NSWGlendaMinistry of Health
Back from the Brink: The Howard Government Part IIUNSW PressGlendaTom Frame
The First World War, the Universities and the ProfessionsKate Darien-Smith and James Waghorne (Eds)JonMelbourne University Press
Delicious Magazine Annual Index (online)JonNews Corporation

Indexes Completed in 2017

TitleAuthorsPublisherIndexed by
The International Law of Human RightsMcBeth, Nolan and RiceOxford University PressTables of Cases and Statutes - Jon
Pacific Power?Joanne WallisMelbourne University PressJon
The International Law of Human RightsMcBeth, Nolan and RiceOxford University PressSubjects - Glenda
Sentencing Bench Book Judicial Commission of NSWJudicial Commission of NSWSubjects - Glenda
Sentencing Bench BookJudicial Commission of NSWJudicial Commission of NSWTables of Cases - Jon
CSIRO low fat cookbookPan MacmillanPan MacmillanGlenda
Judicial Officers BulletinJudicial Commission of NSWJudicial Commission of NSWGlenda
Local Government Law JournalThomson ReutersThomson ReutersGlenda
CardinalLouise MilliganMelbourne University PressJon
Agitate, Educate, Organise, LegislateEllen WarneMelbourne University PressJon
One Halal of a StorySam DastyariMelbourne University PressJon
Histories of Controversy: Bonegilla Migrant CentreAlexandra DelliosMelbourne University PressJon
Maths Skills for Success at UniversityKathy Brady and Tiffany WebbOxford University PressJon
Australian Intellectual Property JournalThomson ReutersThomson ReutersGlenda
Bright Modernity: Color, commerce, and consumer cultureRegina Lee Blaszczyk Palgrave Macmillan (work done for Twin Oaks Indexing)Glenda
WA HSC Chemistry Unit 3/4PearsonPearsonJon
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WA HSC Chemistry Unit 1/2PearsonPearsonJon
The Footy LadyStephanie AsherMelbourne University PressJon
Family Court of Australia Annual Report 2017Family Court of AustraliaPapercutJon
A Matter of Trust Kofman & PayneMelbourne University PressJon
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Contract Law Tables of Cases and StatutesWillmottOxfordJon
Contract Law Casebook Tables of Cases and StatutesButlerOxfordJon
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International House Melbourne 1957-2016Frank LarkinsMelbourne University PressJon
Delicious Magazine 2017VariousNews CorpJon
Intelligence and the Function of GovernmentBaldino and Crawley, EdsMelbourne University PressJon
Legal texts on contracts - updating indexesButler and WillmottOUPGlenda - Subjects Jon - Tables of Cases and Statutes
Bikini Body Motivation and Habits GuideKayla ItsinesPan MacmillanGlenda
China's Conservative RevolutionBrian TsuiCUPGlenda
Australian Business Law ReviewThomson ReutersGlenda
$50 weekly shop: weekday dinnersPenguinGlenda
Core Curriculum for the Dialysis TechnicianMedical Education Institute Glenda
ICAC annual report 2016-17ICACGlenda
Murray-Darling Basin Authority Annual Report 2016-17MDBAGlenda
Ethics Under FireTom FrameUNSW PressGlenda
Ascent to PowerTom FrameUNSW PressGlenda
Widening MindsTom FrameUNSW PressGlenda

A Tale of Three Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera

By Jon: First published in Online Currents – (19:10) 1

Ongoing security concerns with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer have led several commentators to suggest that users should switch to another web browser. Is this really necessary, and if so what are the alternatives? In this article I compare Internet Explorer with two rival programs: Mozilla Firefox and the Norwegian browser Opera.

A Brief History (And Mosaic begat…)

The basic functions of a web browsing program are simple: to download files from the Internet, store them on the user’s hard disk and display that content on the user’s screen. Prior to the Web there were many special-purpose programs which allowed this for specific kinds of content, but it was only in 1993 that the development and wide acceptance of HTML as a language for web pages made it possible to write general-purpose browsers. read more

Block that ad!: reducing Web advertising

By Jon: First published in Online Currents 2002 – 17(5): 20-22


There are several types of intrusive Web promotion methods, and an abundance of programs available that claim to be able to stop or limit them. Among the best known and widely used are Pop-Up Stopper, from PanicWare, which disables pop-up windows and Ad-Aware, from [[LavaSoft]], which removes spyware. Both are available in free or paid ‘professional’ versions over the Web. Combined programs and banner ad stoppers are less user-friendly and may cause serious system problems for some users. read more