Jon’s curriculum vitae

Name: Jonathan Peter Jermey

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honours, Master of Cognitive Science (UNSW); Train the Computer Trainer Course (WEA); Certificate IV in Workplace Training; Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

Date of Birth: 30th April 1958

Address: PO Box 307, Blaxland NSW 2774

Phone: (02) 47 398 199

Fax: (02) 47 398 189




In 1980 I completed a four-year degree in Psychology at the University of NSW, graduating with a double major B.Sc (Hons). My course included strands of research methods, statistics and industrial psychology. My final year entailed a project in Social Psychology, during which I analysed the results with the statistical analysis program SPSS and wrote them up into a 25,000-word thesis.

In 1988 I completed a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Science, relating to computer science, linguistics, philosophy and psychology, at UNSW.

In December 1994 I completed an accredited Train the Computer Trainer course at WEA Sydney. In December 1998 I received a Certificate IV in Workplace Training (Category 2). In 2010 I completed the ACIJ Sub-editing Fundamentals course at UTS.

Employment History

1995-2021: Throughout this period I have also been involved in indexing over 400 books and other material such as journals and websites. This has entailed preparing and revising back-of-book indexes, reporting typographical errors, and working with editors and authors to achieve a satisfactory result. From March 1998 to December 2000 I served as unpaid Webmaster for the Australian Society of Indexers, and resumed this position at the beginning of 2004. I also held this for nine months in 2017-18.

1986-1988: I was employed as a Research Officer and later as a Professional Officer in the School of Psychology, UNSW. I provided assistance with research to the Head of School, and carried out programming and other tasks for academic staff as required.

1982-85: Research Officer and then Senior Research Officer (Class 7) in the Planning and Statistical Services (PASS) Section of the Public Service Board. In this position I carried out and wrote up several large-scale projects, including a Statistical Handbook for APS Managers, and assisted in courses on Human Resource Planning. I also assisted in documenting the implementation of EEO in the Public Service.

Jan 1982: I began work with the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Canberra as an Assistant Research Officer. Here I was involved in research projects that involved submissions to ministerial level, and assisted with drawing up tables and preparing documents for publication.

Computer Training

I have taught over a hundred computer courses to adult learners, including many courses I developed in email use, programming, web design and graphics.  Please contact me for further details of these courses. Recently I have been focusing on open-source software such as Linux Ubuntu and Mint, Firefox, PHP, Joomla and Thunderbird.


I have produced over 100 indexes to books from publishers including Allen & Unwin, McGraw-Hill, Elsevier and Cambridge University Press. I have also produced indexes to periodicals including delicious magazine, and (with Glenda Browne) an ongoing web-based index to the Public Health Bulletin from the NSW Department of Health. A complete list of indexes completed since 2000 can be found on this site.


Since 2000 I have provided consultancy services in information management to several clients including the Royal Deaf and Blind Children’s Society, Firmenich Australia, and the Walter Burley Griffin Society. This has usually involved Microsoft Access database work, sometimes combined with web design and implementation.


I also write and record music under the name Emu’s Itchy.


I have written numerous articles for Online Currents ( and other publications on a wide range of computer-related topics.

Titles of the articles, and the text of some of them, can be found on this site.

With Glenda Browne I have co-authored two books: Website Indexing and The Indexer’s Companion. Details are on this site. I have also written Bitten by a Penguin: Linux for Windows Users, available as a free download from Lulu.

Clients & Referees

Among the clients that I have taught or provided consultancy for are:

WEA (Sydney)

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

Training & Support

Drake Training


Your Perfect Partner

Health NSW

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