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It’s all in the index (PDF)

Australian Author March 2011, pp. 13-15


Notes that didn’t fit within my word limit (in order of relevance to the text):

Methold, Ken. A-Z of authorship: a professional guide Strawberry Hills, NSW: Keesing Press, 2002. Third ed (electronic), p.29

Martha Osgood gives indexing advice to authors (

Browne, Glenda and Jermey, Jonathan. The Indexing Companion Port Melbourne: CambridgeUniversity Press, 2007

The final wording of entries and cross references (see or see also) cannot be decided without the context of other entries.

The entry ‘eschewed not chewed’ was created by Maxine Armitage, in an early version of an index to the Australian Plants Society. Garden Design Study Group newsletter.

In a book on Justice Kirby, the preface by Geoffrey Robertson which contained this comparison between Murdoch and Attila the Hun was so entertaining it was indexed (by Madeleine Davis).

Centrepieces at and How to record names of persons at provide excellent information about name indexing. 

Madeleine’s Rip Curl example was in her excellent three-part series on biography indexing in the ANZSI Newsletter –

You can learn more about embedded indexing by searching MS-Word help for ‘Create an index’.

Bosschieter, Pierke ‘The Kindle (TM) and the indexer’ The Indexer v28 n3, September 2010

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