Indexes completed prior to 2009


A Collector’s Year – UNSW Press
Accounting: An Introduction – Pearson
Antarctica – Global
Architectura – Global
Australian Federal Police Annual Report 2008 – Wordwallah
Basic Personal Counselling – Pearson
Beaver! – the Steve Menzies Story – Allen & Unwin
Bureaucrats and Bleeding Hearts – UNSW
Business Statistics – Pearson
Bye-Bye, Charlie – UNSW
Calculating Political Risk – UNSW Press
CommCare Annual Report 2008 – WordWallah
Current Family Law journal
Edible Plants – Global
Experimental Music – UNSW Press
Ian Fairweather
Jazz – UNSW Press
Law In Perspective – UNSW Press
Leo ‘Rumpole’ McKern – UNSW Press
LexisNexis Study Guide: Business Law
Little Green Grammar Book – UNSW Press
Manage Budgets and Finance – Pearson
NSW Chief Health Officer’s Report
NSW Legislative Council Practice Manual
Online Currents
Parenting Heart to Heart – ABC Books
Pocket guide to chest X-rays
Politics in the Blood: the Anthonys of Richmond – UNSW Press
Putting Queensland on the Map – UNSW Press
Screen Media – Allen & Unwin
Seacare Annual Report 2008 – Wordwallah
Special – the Holden Story – Allen & Unwin
SRCC Annual Report 2008 – WordWallah
Strategic Sport Marketing – Allen & Unwin
Tasmania’s Wilderness Battles – Allen & Unwin
The F Word – UNSW Press
Up on the Hill – UNSW Press
Volatile Substance Misuse Report – WordWallah
Vote for Me – UNSW Press
Who Stole My Mojo – Allen & Unwin
Women Transported


Advocacy 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press
Anatomica Colouring Book, Global Books
Animal Wellbeing Guidelines – WordWallah
Archaeologica, Millennium House
Astronomica, Millennium House
Australian Carer, Pearson Education Australia
Australian Social Attitudes 2, UNSW Press
Becoming a Teacher, Pearson 2007
Biology in focus, McGraw-Hill
Corporate Accounting In Australia, UNSW Press
Current Family Law (in process), Thomson L&R
Delicious Magazine 2007, FPC Magazines
Good Taste Magazine 2007 – AFP Publications
Introduction to Health Psychology, Pearson Education Australia
Intruduction to Employment Relations, Pearson 2007
Issues in Financial Accounting 13th ed, Pearson Education Australia
Journalists’ Guide to Media Law, Allen and Unwin
Living with Bipolar Disorder – Allen & Unwin
Managing Performance and Rewards, Cambridge University Press
Mosaic, ABC Books
National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, Wordwallah 2007
National Workplace Relations (update), Thomson L&R
NHMRC Annual. Report 2006/7 – WordWallah
Online Currents, Thomson L&R
Opera and Musical Theatre, McGraw-Hill
Power Without Responsibility, UNSW Press
Selling Sex, UNSW Press
Spirited Practices, Allen and Unwin
Spirometry, 2nd ed,. McGraw-Hill
Star Foods, ABC Books
Surfari, Global Books
Taxpayers’ Rights, Bond University
The Book is Dead, UNSW Press
The Great Synagogue, UNSW Press 2007
The Indexing Companion, author index, Cambridge University Press
The Indexing Companion, Cambridge University Press
The Literacy Wars, Allen and Unwin
Third Skin, UNSW Press
To Firmer Ground, UNSW Press
UNSW School of Surveying History, UNSW SSIS


Building and Construction Law, Thomson L&R
Business Law, Pearson Education Australia
Chamberlin (author), McGraw-Hill
Chief Health Officer’s Report 2006, Department of Health
Client Education, UNSW Press
Clinical cases in obstetrics, gynaecology and women’s health, McGraw-Hill
Community Disability Services, UNSW Press
Culture and Education, Pearson Education Australia
Delicious, FPC Magazines
Designer Dogs, Millennium House
Employer Branding?, Wordwallah
Energy Law and the Environment, Cambridge University Press
Experience of Nationhood, McGraw-Hill
Film in Australia, Cambridge University Press
From Hustings to Harbour Views, UNSW Press
Gavel to Gavel, UNSW Press
Get Set – Health and Physical Education for VELS, McGraw-Hill
Gittins’ Guide to Economics, Allen & Unwin
Herbs & natural supplements : an evidence-based guide, 2nd ed., Elsevier
Historica, Millennium House
Inside Lawyers’ Ethics, Cambridge University Press
Intellectual Property Law and Innovation, Cambridge University Press
Interagency Guidelines for Child Protection, NSW Department of Community Services
Issues in Financial Accounting 12th ed, Pearson Education Australia
Making Sense of War, Cambridge University Press
Marketing: creating and delivering value 2nd Ed, McGraw-Hill
Mediation Law and Practice, Cambridge University Press
Newcastle Uni and Dadirri Reports, WordWallah
NSW Film & Television Office Annual Report 2006
Pharmacology for Health Professionals, Elsevier Australia
Raw Meaty Bones: a guide to feeding dogs, Tom Lonsdale
Return to Gallipoli, Cambridge University Press
Science for Children, Pearson Education Australia
Teachers and Schooling: making a difference, Allen & Unwin
The Earth Brought Forth: a Milson family history, Scott Milson
Transitions to School, UNSW Press
Tribunal Manual, WordWallah
Trustees on trial, AIATSIS
Woodworking, McGraw-HIll


A Dynamic Balance: Social Capital and Sustainable Community , University of British Columbia Press
A Life in Conservative Politics, UNSW Press
Chemistry In Use, McGraw-Hill
Chocolate (cookbook), ACP
Conquering Chemistry, McGraw-Hill
Court Reporting, Cambridge University Press
Cut!, Global Books
Drawn Together, Parramatta Heritage Centre
Egypt, Global Books
Globalization and Health, Sydney University Faculty of Law
Human Resource Management in Australia 2nd Ed, McGraw-Hill
Ideas and Influence, Cambridge University Press
Longterm Memoir, Allen & Unwin
Managing Services, Cambridge University Press
Marketing Research 2nd Ed, McGraw-Hill
Modern Classics (cookbook), ACP
My Political Life, UNSW Press
Narrative and Media, Cambridge University Press
Nine Crowded Years, UNSW Press
NSW Health Privacy Manual, NSW Department of Health
NSW Lawyers Practice Manual Update, Thomson Legal and Regulatory
Online Currents (journal), Enterprise Information Management
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Pt 1 & 2, McGraw-Hill
The Cold War, McGraw-Hill
The Evidence Base for Policy and Practice, National Drug Research Institute
University of Sydney Calendar, University of Sydney
Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones, Tom Lonsdale


‘Health and Equity’ supplement, NSW Department of Health
Agrometeorology, Department of Agriculture
Cookery for the Hospitality Industry, Cambridge University Press
Dealing with Depression, Allen & Unwin
Don’t Look Back, Allen & Unwin
Empathic Intelligence, UNSW Press
Fantasmi/Del Favero, UNSW Press
Globalising Inequalities, Allen & Unwin
House and Garden Decor, ACP
Living by the Sword: the Ethics of Armed Intervention, UNSW Press
Luftmensch, Duffy & Snelgrove
Marketing Research, McGraw-Hill
My Country, UNSW Press
PDHPE: Student Textbook, McGraw-Hill
Retire Ready, UNSW Press
The New Zealand Marketing Environment,, McGraw-Hill
Transcontinental Train Odyssey, Allen & Unwin


AIM: The Power of Culture, McGraw-Hill
Auditing and Assurance in Australia, McGraw-Hill
Aviators, Global Books
Bin Laden in the Suburbs, UWS
Cardiology at a glance: Australian edition, McGraw-Hill
Chest X-rays, McGraw-Hill
Children’s Hospital at Westmead Handbook, McGraw-Hill
Comparative Employment Relations, Allen & Unwin
Conflict in the Pacific, McGraw-Hill
COPD in primary care, McGraw-Hill
Don’t just stand there, yell something, McGraw-Hill
Driven by Ideas, UNSW Press
Employment Relations, Allen & Unwin
Future Armies, Future Challenges, Allen & Unwin
Genetics: the code broken?, McGraw-Hill
High Blood Pressure at Your Fingertips, McGraw-Hill
Internal Medicine, McGraw-Hill
International and Comparative Employment Relations, Allen & Unwin
Leading through relationship marketing, McGraw-Hill
Marketing: creating and delivering value, McGraw-Hill
Mythology, Global Books
Nazi Germany, McGraw-Hill
NSW Dept of Health Annual Report 2003
Power, prosperity and promise, McGraw-Hill
Psychosocial Clinical Practice Guidelines, NBCC
Public Relations (2nd Edition), Allen & Unwin
Seven days in Sydney, David Messent Photography
Spirometry, McGraw-Hill
Spooling Through (Tim Bowden’s autobiography), Allen & Unwin
Taxonomy construction, Solved at McConchie
The Power of Culture, McGraw-Hill
Turning off the television, UNSW Press
Understanding menopause and hormonal therapy, McGraw-Hill


Business Finance, McGraw-Hill
Case management: policy, practice and professional , Allen & Unwin
CHO Report 2000, NSW Department of Health
Driven by ideas, the story of Arthur Bishop, UNSW Press
Introductory Mathematics and Statistics for Business, McGraw-Hill
Medical analysis for pharmaceutical database, KAIM Associates, USA
Organisational behaviour on the Pacific Rim, McGraw-Hill
Pharmacology for health professionals, Elsevier Science
Queensland Mathematics, McGraw-Hill
Republic to Reich, Mason, McGraw-Hill
Sociology, Allen & Unwin
Statistics: Making Business Decisions, McGraw-Hill
Tax Procedures for Your Business, Allen & Unwin
The Brotherhoods, Allen & Unwin

Prior to 2002

1001 Hints and Tips for Your Garden, Reader’s Digest
Australian Society of Indexers Web site, AusSI (voluntary)
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Renin-Angiotensin System, Victor Chang Institute
The Boy From Boree Creek, Allen & Unwin 2000
The Media and Communications in Australia, Allen & Unwin 2001
The Use and Abuse of Australian History, Allen & Unwin 1999
Tobacco in Australia, Action on Smoking and Health
Writer’s Handbook for University Students, Harcourt Brace
Writing For Psychology, Harcourt Brace 1996