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Indexes completed in 2010

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Indexes completed in 2009

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Indexes completed prior to 2009


A Collector’s Year – UNSW Press
Accounting: An Introduction – Pearson
Antarctica – Global
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Jazz – UNSW Press
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Pocket guide to chest X-rays
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Special – the Holden Story – Allen & Unwin
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The F Word – UNSW Press
Up on the Hill – UNSW Press
Volatile Substance Misuse Report – WordWallah
Vote for Me – UNSW Press
Who Stole My Mojo – Allen & Unwin
Women Transported read more

Index to ‘We fight death’ by Gusti Jirku

Index to ‘We fight death’ by Gusti Jirku

‘We fight death’ is a short book about one woman’s visit to medical centres in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. It has lots of anecdotes and snippets of information about different people. I thought it would be useful to have an index to the work. You can access it at the link above.

The book is available at the Working Class Movement Library (reference only –

It is also available online in German at read more